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12May, 20

5 of the best cars for the family

01 Ford Focus he Ford Focus ticks more boxes than just about any other hatchback. Good to drive? Check. Economical? Check. Room for five, decent kit and modern styling? Check, check and check again. Surely all that costs an arm and a leg though? Nope, it’s pretty darn affordable as these things go. You could get out the measuring tape and argue that the Golf’s marginally bigger boot makes it more practical, but you’d be nit-picking. The Focus is the best family …
12May, 20

5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in San Diego

01 Balboa Park Balboa Park is a one-stop wonderland for tourists. This 1,400-acre site encompasses historical buildings, numerous museums, gardens, and green space. The park was created for the Panama California Exhibition of 1915-1916, and most of the buildings remain from that event. The predominant architecture is Spanish-style, with low-rise buildings that blend in with the natural surroundings. Among the highlights of the park are the botanical gardens and lily pond, the Museum of Man, the Museum of Natural History, the San Diego Museum …
12May, 20

Top 10 best sports cars 2022

Hot hatches and performance SUVs are hot property, but traditional sports cars still have their place in the market. While the genre incorporates a range of sizes, layouts and power outputs, the bottom line is that the best sports cars are all created with driving fun near the top of their priority list. There’s a sports car for just about every budget. From around just £25,000 the Mazda MX-5  is ready to thrill with its traditional low-powered, rear-drive recipe. A little more …
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